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We the students of the Ersity of Was
Do Hereby Solemnly Swear:

To uphold the rules and bylaws of this prestigious institution,To wander aimlessly with purpose,To honor the forgotten things, and shake hands with the long shadows of the bygone ways.

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  • RATTLESNAKE Trail Report September 2, 2023

    It started as any day on campus, just slightly cooler in the morning thanks to a weather front that had moved through the Owyhee region the night before. I began my day walking towards the West on the path right by the road and then over the ridge to the main Western track. Nothing to…


  • Trail Update Main Campus September 1, 2023

    I visited campus yesterday for a standard walk around. The temperatures have dropped considerably since last week and peaked out around 80 degrees with a light wind most of my visit. I walked in via the Western road, towards the butte and around the campus track to the creek. After inspecting the boyscout camp, which…


  • 2023 Idaho Summer Hiking Classes Recap

    It’s been another great Summer season on campus in the Owyhee! I’ve been fortunate to be able to visit campus regularly despite the hot temperatures and challenges of balancing a work schedule that keeps trying to interfere with my hiking! Students and myself frequently observed the movements of coyote, fox, antelope, and deer throughout the…


  • Hiking Trail Tips: Navigating Using Waypoints

    Getting where you want to go is very different when you get boots on the ground. Maps, no matter how much they’ve progressed still don’t quite do justice to the terrain and distance when you’re standing there; while a compass can tell you directions, it can’t tell you how to get there. This means that…