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Trail Update Main Campus September 1, 2023

I visited campus yesterday for a standard walk around. The temperatures have dropped considerably since last week and peaked out around 80 degrees with a light wind most of my visit.

I walked in via the Western road, towards the butte and around the campus track to the creek. After inspecting the boyscout camp, which is overgrown with weeds as tall as I am – a good sign at least that campers haven’t been around – before heading into the main canyon.

elder tree

There is a tree that’s fallen near the beaver dam. It fell due to rot as it had been dead some time but is blocking the larger portion of the path on the East side – I am in no great hurry to move it as the more discouraging the trail is in my opinion the better. It should also work as an ample wood supply for the cold months ahead that have been predicted.

No other major changes to the trail. I visited the first waterfall for a short time as well as the Elder tree. The berries are pretty much ripe – a full week or more earlier than last year if I recall – although I don’t intend to harvest this year as the last few years I’ve brought guests and enjoyed plenty myself, it’s time enough for the tree to rest and give back all the seed it can. I will bring more water for her on my next visit that way.

I love this place and love sharing it with people who I know will appreciate and care for it also. I may seem anti-camper or anti-people but that is only because of the trend I’ve seen of more people equaling more garbage, and even if it doesn’t it can eventually lead to less FREE wild access to this place — as it quickly becoming the case with that “other popular canyon with a waterfall”. So please, understand, if you’ve seen what I do and where I go and want to join me there I hope you will get in touch!